Be Power Safe This Christmas


Coolum Beach Real Estate recommends these hand hints to stay Power Safe this christmas!

What should I do before putting up my Christmas lights? – Inspect old Christmas lights and electrical wires for any sign of damage or wear and tear – Check that all globes are properly fitted and don’t use light sets with missing globes, so as to prevent other conductive items being placed inside the light socket – Read the light manufacturers’ safety and installation instructions and follow these carefully – Only purchase lights which meet Australian safety standards – Position your Christmas lights away from flammable materials such as curtains and sofas.

What else can I do to be power safe this Christmas? – Place extension cords in low traffic areas where they won’t be a trip hazard or become damaged – Switch off the power before plugging in or pulling out the plug and hold the plug not the cord – Keep power boards and adaptors to a minimum and out of reach of children – Check you have a safety switch in your meter box or have a qualified electrician install one.