Meet your local finance broker

Cara Lane |
December 20, 2023

We sat down this month with Larissa Barton from Mortgage Choice Noosa & Peregian to chat about finance

The team at Mortgage Choice, Larissa, and Gordon have put a host of deals together for our clients over the years to ensure that the contract finance clause timelines are met.  They use the latest technology for the application process and have a team of people working to ensure the loan is approved on time.  “We can rate them 5 gold stars based on personal experience”  Cara Lane

Gordon & Larissa

What do you love about the finance industry?

We love property, we love the security that property offers, and the wealth-building opportunities that property brings, and we love being able to facilitate the finance that allows that to happen. It is enjoyable to be able to help, and see firsthand, how people create wealth and grounding through property.

What changes in the finance industry have you seen benefit consumers?

The Team at work

The new Federal Government Home Guarantee Schemes allow first-home buyers to purchase with only a 5% deposit (plus stamp duty) up to $700,000 in most areas of the Sunshine Coast. We have helped a lot of first-home buyers get their foot on the property ladder through this scheme.
Also family security guarantee loans have been hugely popular with parents helping out their kids to buy a home by offering their property (home or investment) as a security instead of the kids having a 20% deposit.
And for our self employed clients lenders who have policy to use just the most recent financial year of income (instead of 2 financial years) has helped a lot of our self employed clients.

Do you believe in budgets?

We sure do! We run a budget and monthly cash flow for the business and ourselves personally. Having an understanding of your finances is essential as it allows you to have contingency, savings, and plan extra repayments to the home loan. I find by having that under control we can relax and focus on our family and growing the business.

My personal favorite is working out how quickly you can get your home loan repaid if you make extra repayments each month. Its amazing how much a little bit extra can significantly shorten the time to repay your home loan. An extra $100 a week can take years off your home loan.

How does your service differ from dealing with the bank?

The market talks with over 70% of all home loans being written by a Mortgage Broker. If you deal solely with one bank you may not be able to borrow the amount you want, or you may not qualify at all with that bank based on your circumstances (such as how you earn your income). You also get the offering of the product and rate that one bank has to offer you.
By dealing with us we look at your situation and shortlist a range of lenders you qualify with and the rates they are offering. We manage your application to approval and settlement and guide you through the process each step of the way. We have a team of Sunshine Coast locals who help us deliver our exceptional service. Once your loan has settled we contact the bank every 6 months to ensure your interest rate stays as competitive as possible – does your bank do that?! Plus we are the owners of our business, we are not going anywhere, you can contact us any time.

Larissa Barton

How does the mortgage choice network benefit consumers?

At a local level we have worked really hard on our Mortgage Choice Peregian Beach & Noosaville brand through local sponsorships, work on promoting the Peregian Beach Village, investing in our IT to make engaging with us super easy, and always hiring locals. Mortgage Choice has a strong brand nationally that consumers know, like, and trust, and now Mortgage Choice is owned by it gives us great data and insight for our clients.

Why did you choose Coolum Beach to settle?

We lived in Newtown, the Inner West of Sydney for 14 years, and we walked everywhere back in those days. When we relocated to the Sunshine Coast we wanted to live in a relaxed suburb with friendly locals within walking distance to the beach. We both love the relaxed, anything goes, vibe Coolum offers.

Whats the best advice you can give someone looking to buy a house?

Get pre-approved first so you know what your price range upper limit is before you start looking. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a house and then finding out that you cant affford it. When you do find a property I can guarantee the process will be actually enjoyable if you are pre-approved first.

Larissa on stage at the Conference

Larissa was recently asked to speak at the MC conference in North Qld – what topics did she cover?

Yes it was the Mortgage Choice National conference and Larissa was asked to speak to the 600+ network of brokers about branding and marketing. We moved to the Sunshine Coast 7 years ago and had to start from the ground up with branding and marketing ourselves and our business. It was great to share our marketing story and what worked well for us over the years and how we go to market today. Basically, we just want to share stories of how we help our clients and be as involved as we can be in the local community!

What changes do you see coming in 2024

We see the lack of new housing supply coming into the market creating more pressure for people wanting to buy. Unfortunately at this end of the Sunshine Coast not enough new houses are being built to keep up with the current population demands or future growth. We tell all our clients the best time to buy is when you can afford to. And I think we are all hopeful for rate decrease(s) next year.

Do you dare to provide us a real estate market outlook?

Speaking from what we are seeing in our office we’ve been really busy since October with buyers coming back into the market seeking pre-approvals. Investors are coming into the market as there appears to be some comfort that the rates may have peaked/settled. Again the lack of supply on the Coast, I think house prices will remain strong.

Where can we find you?

We all work between the two offices but Gordon is based in our Peregian Beach office and Larissa at 3/35 Thomas Street, Noosaville

Larissa Barton – 0419 716 439

Gordon MacVicar- 0447 905 133