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Update from John Roderick – Interest Rates

October 2019 Interest Rates Update
Interest rates are a key driver of buyer confidence so the recent 0.25% reduction is positive news for the property market.

With economic commentators now indicating that long term low interest rates will continue, then property acquisition will be possible for more buyers.

Further interest rate cuts are being flagged as a possibility. For those in the … Read more »

Market Update from John Roderick

Whats happening in the Market?
Great question I often get asked when home owners are deciding what to do with their property.

Some relevant facts are;
The RBA is stimulating the economy with interest rate reductions, making this the lowest level for interest rates in history.
APRA has allowed the banks to move from a fixed to a variable assessment rate, 2.5% … Read more »

Love At First Sight!


That’s what you want a buyer to feel as soon as they inspect your home. There are lots of homes on the market for sale, so how do you make yours stand out?

Street appeal … tidy gardens and fresh paint at an entrance
Simply put, is it clean … Read more »

Airport Update From John Roderick

I thought the following statement from the Sunshine Coast Airport shows the positive impact that the new airport will have for property owners in our area.
In December 2018 Qantas announced a second direct service between Sydney and the Sunshine Coast. The new service will build on the growing demand for Sydney and is well timed to take advantage of international connections.

The new daily Qantas service is expected to begin in … Read more »

Is it the home or the neighbourhood?

You may love the home but if it’s not where you want to live, then don’t buy. You need to be looking for the “ L “ word … LIFESTYLE

Concentrate on –

Proximity to work
Near friends
Family close by
Are your hobbies and recreational activities available?

A … Read more »

Where will I go?

Where will I go?

Location is the main decision. Close to amenities and friends/family
Do I want a smaller house or is it a unit now?
What are the costs involved?
But importantly don’t rush your decisions
Talk to your family/friends and your Real Estate Agent

Finally … Read more »

Considering Downsizing?

Whilst chocolate and an airline seat might be better when bigger, something else that might be better but in a smaller version, can be your home.

Does the garden and cleaning the pool, no longer make you smile?
Are you more excited about planning your trips away?
What may your homes value be that you can … Read more »

Holiday Tips

John Roderick’s Top Tips of Things to do on the holidays.

Explore Coolum Bays & Stumers creek
Great walks and shopping at Maleny & Montville
Take a drive into the country areas like Cooroy
Hire a boat and meander the Maroochy … Read more »

Getting to know your local team – Michelle Roderick

What is your favourite time of the day and why?
I love watching the sunrise and thinking what a beautiful place we live in

What excites you?
Catching with family, sewing a new dress or dabbling in a new craft

Favourite Sport – Play or spectator
Enjoy watching basketball, netball, tennis or Rugby – too old to play sportnow!!

Best childhood memory
Going on a road … Read more »

John takes to the skies for training!

John Flown to Sydney for Training!
John Roderick was recently chosen by to attended a one on one training session with Australia’s best real estate mentor/coach, @joshphegan. Not only did he get an in-depth session with Josh, but they flew him to Sydney, chauffeured him to Domain head office and fed him! Enjoy your flight home! Thanks domain!