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Selling your investment property?

Investment Property Tips
Here is some important information you should know if you are considering selling your local Coolum Real Estate.

Relationships:  Advise your property manager about your intentions to sell.  They have great relationships with tenants and can communicate effectively with them to ensure the selling process goes smoothly.  There is nothing worse than … Read more »

The Home-Buying Process. In Plain English. With Elizabeth Banks

Below is Episode 1 of a series of an American by the comedian Elizabeth Banks.  Worth a Laugh!






A Friendly Reminder from the Property Management Team

We are often running out the door!
This is a friendly reminder that our property management team are often out of the office conducting inspections or attending appointments. If you would like to meet with a member of our team, please telephone to make an appointment as we know there is … Read more »

Where do I stand as a landlord if the tenant damages the property?

This is not a simple question to answer. Yes, we would like to make the tenant accountable for every scuff mark and chip when vacating the property, but the reality is there are legislated ‘grey area’ guidelines that are taken into consideration.
Firstly, it needs to be determined that it is property damage and not ‘fair wear and tear’. Fair wear and … Read more »

Get Summer Smart for Storm Season

As part of our ongoing commitment to service our team recently completed an online training through the RTA to ensure they are equipped with latest updates for Storm Season – Here is a snapshot from Kate Tomba.
The weather is warming up and the end of year is near. To assist our landlords we have listed some important checks for this time … Read more »

Fast Facts – Lawns, Gardens and Trees!

A common question we get asked is “Who is responsible for gardens”  Kate Tomba provides an update below
As a general rule it is the responsibility of the tenant to look after the yard maintenance such as mowing, edging and weeding, however this should be specified in the tenancy agreement so all parties are clear about who is responsible.
+ Any special arrangements about … Read more »

How is the Rental Market in the local Area?

Kate Tomba our Business Development provides her comments about the local property market:

How is the rental market?
With continuing low vacancy rates and steady rental increases the rental market is looking strong for investors.   Again, for the third month in succession, the office achieved 100% occupancy (with two of our properties being rented … Read more »

Attention Landlords!

Do you have Landlord insurance?
Is your policy up to date?
If not, would you like us to arrange this for you?
Call Cathy Coles 07 5446 1133 or fill in the form below and we will be in touch!

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Welcome to our Winter 2015 – Market Update