Getting to know your local team – Michelle Roderick

What is your favourite time of the day and why?
I love watching the sunrise and thinking what a beautiful place we live in

What excites you?
Catching with family, sewing a new dress or dabbling in a new craft

Favourite Sport – Play or spectator
Enjoy watching basketball, netball, tennis or Rugby – too old to play sportnow!!

Best childhood memory
Going on a road trip up to Cairns, stopping in at Airlie Beach and the Islands

Where were you born
In a country town called Millmerran, west of Toowoomba

Do you have a pet?
We did have a beautiful lab/retriever for 11 years but unfortunately he passed over the rainbow bridge a couple of years ago.

Sunrise at home on my deck

Who are your heros?
I admire many people but mainly women who support and empower each other

Next Travel location?
Manly, New South Wales

Dream Job?
Owning a craft and fabric store and sewing and crafting all day!!

What will you be doing in 10 years
The same things I love to do now

What is the best thing about living on the Sunshine Coast
The sunrises and sunsets, the beautiful beaches, close proximity to hinterland and to airport to fly to Sydney

What’s your favourite thing to do this Summer?
Enjoy a cold drink on our balcony in the evenings