How is the investment market in the Coolum Area?

Kate Tomba - Business Development Manager - Property Management

Kate Tomba – Business Development Manager – Property Management

Generally pretty good overall and with very low vacancy rates pushing rental returns up we are seeing both investors and tenants wanting to purchase.

Again,this month in the office we hit 100% occupancy for all of our landlords.  Our property management team is reporting  multiple applications on most properties.  We have also achieved record rent increases this year, even exceeding our landlords expectations.  Its also fair to say that investors remain active.

The highest growth in sale volumes and values has continued in the sub $500,000 housing market which has transitioned into the higher value markets in some areas.  Overall if your property is well  maintained and priced to achieve a high but fair rental amount there are plenty of quality tenants out there looking.

Kate Tomba is our Property Management Specialist, If you need any local advise give her a call 07 5446 1133