In the Cloud

cloud-computers“The Cloud is being touted as the next big thing.  For the last 6 or so years Steve and I have been using the cloud via Google platforms.  It has meant we have been able to operate outside the walls of a real estate office.  After taking over the business in January this year we have set up cloud based systems which are a major benefit to the way we operate at Coolum Beach Real Estate.  We use also online documents to share tasks, checklist and systems within the office. Our CRM is also based online so we can respond to clients faster.  Real Estate isnt a 9-5 job so its essential our sales team can access contracts and important property information after hours.”  Cara de Ryk

Here are a few examples of why lifes better in the cloud at Coolum Beach Real Estate.

  1. Improved productivity and efficiency

With the cloud, applications are designed to work on multiple devices and all data is synchronised. You can access information wherever you are, on the device you’re using at the time. Since you’re no longer tied to your desktop, you can do more and respond to buyers and sellers faster.

  1. Fewer complications, less cost

Because all server hardware and software is hosted and managed by the provider, you no longer have the chores of maintaining servers or managing application upgrades, patches and security. You can also reduce the cost of those tasks.

  1. Better functions, sooner

It’s much easier for subscribers to terminate a cloud service than a premise-based application. To keep their customers, cloud providers tend to deliver top functionality and upgrades are usually more frequent.

  1. Less downtime and risk

If your server crashes, it may take hours to restore. Cloud providers have multiple servers – and if one goes down, another takes over in seconds. Because the servers are in hardened data centres, they are also less vulnerable to fire, flood and break-ins.

  1. Better security

These days, cloud providers have multiple layers of defence with 24/7 monitoring of their servers and applications, all managed by security professionals. You’re more likely to have better protection in the cloud than by managing security yourself.