Is your agent promoting your property or themselves?

Have you ever seen real estate for sale signs around the Coolum Beach area outside a house plastered with the agent’s face and mobile number? The answer is most likely yes.

When an agent puts their image on the For Sale sign they are communicating loud and clear what they are really selling with that For Sale sign: themselves.

What sellers aren’t aware of is that this tactic is used by agents to promote themselves instead of the property.  By doing this, the agent is really just trying to promote further leads.  If an agent was really focused on selling your property they would use a photo board highlighting your property’s best assets.

If you select an agency that works as a team, buyers will be directed to another agent for inquiries if the original agent isn’t available – so that your property doesn’t miss out on potential buyers!

The team at Coolum Beach Real Estate only use a range of professional signboards and pictorial boards on display though out the local Coolum Beach Area.  Many have our signature SOLD sticker too!

Coolum Beach - Sign - 1800 x 1200 Pictorial Landscape 24.12.2014

Coolum Beach - Sign - For Lease Corfulte 600 x 900 - 24.12.2014









Tim and Jo     Coolum Beach - Sign - 1800 x 600 for sale 24.12.2014