Light Up Your Life

How to use lighting to increase the appeal of your pad!

Using a range of hidden LED strip lights facing downwards can add to the comfort of your space. They come into their own in places where you would never expect lighting to come from. Many applications include downward facing strips under kitchen or bathroom cabinets/splashbacks, kitchen island benchtops to highlight the bar stools or use in hallways or feature walls.

Not only is outdoor lighting effective in having guests find your home, lighting up outside can also change the mood and enhance your garden space.  Install cost effective solar lights to light up pathways or fairy lights add a touch of luxe to your outdoor trees. One of our favourites is to highlight feature trees like the coastal pandanus with uplighting. 

Set the mood in your lounge room with the addition of some LED candles – many come with tea light look alikes, and fireproof flickering flames. 

When installing downlights, it always best to use a dimmer so you can control the light levels. To create a romantic dinner mood you won’t want them on full brightness! 

When selecting globes choose warm white globes, which are less harsh than the cool white alternative, unless you like the feeling of being in a hospital.