Sunshine Coast Property Sales Market Update – September 2020

Resurgence of confidence as Sunshine Coast property prices hold strong despite the uncertainty brought about by COVID-19

Lockdowns and the closure of the state’s borders created a  high level of uncertainty about the economy and the property market as a whole for a short period. However, there has been a considerable resurgence of confidence in the market with a high level of interest throughout most areas but in particular beachside suburbs which have historically been sought after.

Extremely low stock levels coupled with all-time low interest rates have seen property values remain stable and in many instances value rises have occurred.

The Sunshine Coast property market is still active with market sentiment having improved which has in turn instilled confidence in the marketplace.

The main driver of this sentiment is the Sunshine Coast lifestyle and the major infrastructure projects across the Coast.

The Sunshine Coast has traditionally been one of the fastest growing regions in Australia and we expect to see this trend continue with future growth remaining well in excess of the Queensland and national averages.