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Preparing your Property for Tenancy

We have leased 1000’s of properties.  We know what is required to get your investment tenanted and ready to earn you income. Below is a snapshot of “Getting the property Ready”


  • All personal property and items must be removed
    Furniture to be properly cleaned and polished
    Please attend to maintenance that may need addressing
  • Re-direct mail
  • Contact provider to cancel electricity and phone


  • Windows to be washed inside and out and to be free from streaks, smears and cobwebs (Metho and water is a good cleaner).
  • Window tracks and flyscreens to be left free of dirt and insects.
  • Venetians and curtains to be taken down and dry-cleaned or washed thoroughly according to fabric and instructions.
  • All curtain attachments (rods, rings, holders) to be in working order.  Particular attention to be paid to verticals, chains and clips.


  • Light fittings to be cleaned.  Light bulbs to be in working order.
  • Power points and switches to be cleaned.
  • All ceiling fans are to be wiped over and clean.
  • Air vents to be dusted and cleaned.



  • Doors and door frames are to be cleaned.  If necessary marks to be scrubbed (sugar soap will assist).
  • Skirting boards to be free of dirt.
  • Outside of house to be washed down and free from cobwebs.

Carpet Cleaning/Pest Control

  • Carpets to be cleaned professionally by a reputable company accompanied by a receipt (which is to be brought into office).
  • Professionally treated pest control for cockroaches, spiders and silverfish by a reputable company accompanied by a receipt (which is to be brought into office).
  • If an animal has been kept at the property a professional flea treatment MUST be carried out with receipt provided to the office.


  • Stove to be thoroughly cleaned including hot plates, grill, oven (racks, sides, rear, floor, and walls).
  • Electric stoves may be pulled away from the wall to enable sides and behind to be cleaned (take care not to damage the floor, wiring etc).
  • Rangehood is to be cleaned and free of oil scum.
  • Kitchen cupboards to be thoroughly cleaned inside and out and any sticky marks to be removed.
  • Tiles and bench tops to be thoroughly cleaned and free of grease.
  • Sink and disposal unit to be cleaned.  Please remember to leave plugs at property.


  • All mould to be removed from tiles, grouting, walls, ceiling or other surfaces.
  • Vanity and basin to be cleaned inside and out.
  • Toilet seat is to be removed and cleaned thoroughly.
  • Shower recess, shower glass and bath to be thoroughly scrubbed to remove all soap residue and mildew.  Be careful not to leave cleaning product residue.
  • Exhaust fans to be removed and cleaned.


  • Tubs to be cleaned inside and out.  Remember to leave plugs.
  • Dryer (if applicable) to be cleaned inside and out and filters cleaned.
  • Floors and walls to be cleaned.


  • Must be swept, hosed out and free from accumulated rubbish, furniture and oil stains.
  • Driveways, carports, all concrete areas to be free from oil and grease stains.
  • Wash down garage doors.


  • Lawns to be mowed and edges trimmed.  All grass clippings to be removed frompremises.  They are not to be piled high in garden beds.  Flowerbeds, pebbled and paved areas to be weeded and rubbish removed.


  • Rubbish and recycling bin is to be emptied and washed out.  All excess rubbish is to be removed from property.


  • Swimming pool is to be left clean and free of debris.  Chemical levels are to be tested by a professional.  Report required of outcome.