Advise from your local professional – Kate Tomba

Kate Tomba - Business Development Manager - Property Management

Kate Tomba – Business Development Manager – Property Management

Every month our agency features in the local Coolum News Ask a Professional.  Read below what Kate Tomba our Business Development Manager for Property Management had to say:

How to choose a good property manager?

A good property manager needs to focus on three key things;

1. Achieve a premium rent for you,

2. Source high quality tenants who will take care of your asset and

3. Minimise your vacancy rate.


In addition they need to keep you informed and up to date with regular detailed communication. To achieve this they need to be experienced, motivated and have enough office support to ensure they can do their job properly. Questions to ask include:

  • What is the point of difference between you and another agent?
    How long has your team worked together?
    How many staff are available to assist in the management?
    Can you provide me with a written comparison of rental values in the market?
    What experience do you have in managing property?What are your fees?
    Do you manage any similar properties?

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