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Property Management FAQs

What property investors need to know

How do I change managing agents?

If you have made the choice to change to our agency it is simple! We will organise a letter for you to sign and we will send this to your current agent. After reviewing your current management agreement we will provide them the relevant notice to collect the files/keys. We will take care of all the paperwork, bond transfers, let the tenants know when and where to make payments etc. It really is that simple!

When and how do I get my rental payments?

We understand investing and we want to assist you with your cash flow. That’s why we run two payment cycles per month. Via fast electronic direct debit though NAB connect we make the payments both mid month and end of month. We use the very best operating systems from leading industry suppliers to ensure that your financial year & monthly statements are electronically emailed to you.

At the end of the year we also provide you with a statement for your accountant. This gives you a detailed report on the income and expenditure for your investment.

Lost a monthly statement?

No problem. We have your files all backed up and we can provide this anytime; no charge!

How do we collect the rent?

We require tenants to be paid two weeks in advance when they sign the lease. We have the flexibility to accept payments in a range of ways depending on tenants circumstances. We offer flexible payment options so we give our tenants every opportunity make their payments on time. This includes:

  • Paying via merchant facilities at our office on Coolum Esplanade
  • Paying via merchant facilities over the phone for credit card payments
  • Setting up direct debit via internet banking to our trust account
  • Using rental cards with payment details for easy reference
  • Paying in person at the National Australia Bank (over-the-counter payments are accepted at any branch Australia-wide)

Does your office do rent reviews?

Yes. Prior to the commencement or the change of tenancy we review the marketing conditions and recommend any rent increases accordingly.

How do we choose a tenant?

We aim for problem free tenancies. We carefully screen and carry out reference checks are undertaken when we process applications. Each prospective tenants must provide an application form clearly outlining employment history, previous rental details, ID etc. We also call references and next of kin.

TICA is the main database where we can check tenants who have been blacklisted by other real estate agencies. We also obtain rental references from past agencies including tenant ledgers for arrears. References, employees details, next of kin check are also mandatory. Our team has leased thousands of homes and we aren’t afraid to ask the hard questions.

Can you pay my bills?

Absolutely. Please have your Unity Water, Noosa or Sunshine Coast Council rates notice sent directly to us and we will make sure they are paid on time!

The details of the bill payments will show on your monthly statement so you can keep on top of the expenses. This also means that expenditure relating to your property is in one easy financial
statement. Your accountant will love you for it!

How will I know you are looking after my property?

We carry out inspections of your property every 3 months. Our regular and thorough inspections form a large part of managing your investment. Routine inspections ensure any minor repairs and maintenance are brought to your attention including budgeting for larger expenditure. After each inspection you receive a written report outlining the overall condition of the property including images. Our comprehensive inspection program ensures that maintenance & repairs are resolved quickly by qualified tradespeople.

Upon the commencement and completion of a tenancy agreement a detailed entry and exit report is completed before we release the bond to the tenants.

Can I charge for water?

You are able to pass on the full water consumption costs to tenants providing all of the criteria are met:

  • The property must be individually metered
  • The property is water efficient (3 stars wells rated) and have a plumbers compliance certificate
  • The Tenancy agreement states that they must pay for water consumption

Upon the signing of our Agency Agreement we will complete our property listing checklist and if required, we can organise our preferred plumber to carry out an inspection at your property.

Do I need a safety switch?

Yes. Under Queensland law, all residential premises must be fitted with a working safety switch.

Can I rent my property if it has a pool?

If a swimming pool is included as part of the rental property, the maintenance should be covered in the special terms of the tenancy agreement. The tenant is generally responsible for everyday maintenance such as clearing leaves from the pool and may be responsible for more regular maintenance. This should be discussed prior to signing the agreement. It is recommended that the lessor/agent provide instructions for any maintenance the tenant is required to carry out.

The lessor must have a pool safety compliance certificate from a licensed pool inspector prior to renting the property and should include a copy with the tenancy agreement.
If a tenant is not familiar with pool maintenance they should discuss this with the lessor/agent. **We recommend having a pool service at the start of tenancy to show the tenants how to maintain between visits**

If the pool maintenance is covered by a contract between the lessor and an external company this should be listed in the tenancy agreement having tenants liable for the chemicals.

Do I need insurance?

Yes there are two two main types of insurance you will need.

Building and Contents Insurance: If you have just purchased a property, the best time to start is straight away – especially if the property is vacant and being advertised for rent. As a landlord, you have a liability exposure from the moment we begins showing potential tenants through the property. Your policy will include public liability insurance.

Landlord insurance: Landlord Insurance covers you for tenant-related losses. We suggest you contact your insurer to get full policy details so you know what you are covered for.

What do I need to do to get my property ready for tenants?

We can provide step by step guidance to make it hassle free. We have a detailed checklist that we can provide you as part of our new management sign up. We can help you through the process ensuring everything is covered.

Do I need smoke alarms in my rental property?

Yes- Landlords must ensure their rental property is fitted with the required number of working alarms complying with Australian Standards and installed per the Building Code of Australia. Additionally the Qld fire and Rescue Service Amendment Act. Under this legislation landlords must test and clean each smoke alarm within 30 days prior to each tenancy change or tenancy renewal. Landlord must replace batteries that is flat or almost flat and must replace the smoke alarm before it reached the end of its useful life. The legislation prohibits the transfer of this responsibility to the tenants.

We use Smoke Alarm Solutions for a moderate annual fee to ensure your home is compliant at all times.

Contact us to learn more about what makes us different or give us a call on 07 5446 1133.