Tips to Secure a Rental Property

Our leasing team would love to help you find a new rental home.  Here are our top tips to assist!

Prior Research

Take time to research market conditions.  Start looking 4-5 weeks in advance. Do some research ahead of time to get an idea of what’s available in the market.

Get Online

Head to the two main websites being and  You can also create an account and review new listing alerts.  

Our office website also has a range of homes to view that are available for lease.


Register with our office to receive our alerts. You can do this in advance and we can set dates to start letting you know about homes that might suit.

Get in Touch

Take advantage of your contacts. If you have had great relationships with agencies in the past let them know you are looking again and get registered with them to receive alerts.

Mid Week

If at all possible, arrange 1-2 days off *midweek* to look at properties. I can’t stress this enough – having time during the week to look can mean the difference between securing a property or not.


Ensure your application is 100% filled in correctly with all the relevant copies of ID and documents.  Also make sure all your references are aware you are looking for a new rental so they can respond timely.

Be prepared

Chances are if you have fallen in love with a home online others have too.  Pre fill your application ready to handover at the viewing and get ahead of the competition.

Remember your manners

Starting the relationship with your potential new agency on the right foot always helps.  Make sure you are approachable and show genuine interest at the open-for-inspection. Introduce yourself to the agent and make yourself memorable.

Act Fast

Even if you don’t need the property for another two weeks most owners won’t want a vacancy period.  Ensure your application goes to the front of the pile with flexibility in dates.


Ensure you have your pet application completed with council registration also include pet references and images


We have an online booking system so 24 hours a day you can book to view a property online.  Just make the enquiry, enter your details and we will email/sms from there!

View all our homes for lease online