Top 10 Dinner Party Tips

With Dinner Parties back on the agenda post Covid-19.  Here are our top tips to make sure you have a great night this winter in!

Make sure the dishwasher is empty before the guests arrive

Make a list of all the things to do on the day and the week before

Put scented candles in the bathroom with clean hand towels

Prep everything ahead of time including washing up all the last minute pots and pans

Set the table in a theme, use some florals and candles as centerpieces

Lash out on some fresh tableware, accessories with beautiful side plates and stylish glassware and good napkins

Create a menu with dishes ready to go like a knockout salad or simple dishes that can be warmed when needed

Create a playlist the week ahead and if you’re up for it, end the night with some cards or a board game.

Don’t forget the water! Put it on the table with glasses and your guests will thank you in the morning.

Keep the menu simple, it’s about relaxing, enjoying the company of friends and having a fun night.