When is the best time to sell?

We asked Steve Lane the sales manager at Coolum Beach Real Estate his thoughts on when is the best time to sell.

Here is what Steve had to say,

When-is-the-best-time-to-sell-coolum-beach-real-estateLike so many property related matters, everyone seems to have an opinion on exactly when is the best time to put your property on the market,  “wait until Spring” or “the market is still rising, you’d be crazy to sell now”. Timing the market is difficult to pick. Nobody rings a bell when the market has hit the bottom or reached it’s peak. Buyers looking for a property to live in, purchase properties every week of the year. Investors are price driven and looking to take advantage of the market.

You need to weigh up the cost of putting your life on hold and waiting for the right market conditions. Are you happy living in the property? Can it be rented? How long can you afford to hold it? What will you do with the money from your sale? Will you be purchasing in the same market, a different market or simply paying off debt? To wrap up, of course it’s important to maximise the sale price but the best time to sell  is more about what works for you rather than timing the market. No doubt, property is emotional, so gather as much information and evidence to help you make an informed decision.

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